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use TinyMCE with LGPL licensing.
  • Slug driven url
    • Hierarchial site structure
      • Each section can have its own css look/structure (possibly master file), but will use a default if not specified
      • ex url: /View/{section_name}/{page_permalink}
    • periodicals/press-release mode where route is date driven: /2008/8/perma-link-title or with string building options.
    • MVC for fun.. ;)
    • Release by date; for periodicals
    • Hide flag for working drafts
  • Documentation
    • Wiki, Start project page. Home
  • caching content
    • optional, toggle
  • Admin interface
    • Section Mgmt
    • Page Mgmt
    • Media Mgmt
    • Easy New Install/Configuration Page
      • Will use connection information to stub in basic database & basic user membership
  • SEO
    • Sitemap generation
    • Title,H1
    • Tags
    • Google Web Masters
    • Yahoo, MSN wiring, etc
  • UI Customization
    • Support custom master pages, css, javascript, etc.
    • Try to abstract it out so core pieces can be re-used.
    • MOBILE.. sub-site that supports Mobile platforms.
  • User comments and ratings on pages
    • comment moderation tools
      • close comments
      • block users, etc
    • include digg, /., facebook, myspace, etc.
    • User profiles???
  • Addons
    • Google Analytics
    • custom plugins? somehow???
    • OpenID support
    • Customizable Dynamic FORMS... Simple data collection, surveys, etc.

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